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Bottom painting your boat

Before hauling the boat:
ask your diver to mark the current water line on the hull.
When painting, paint 1 to 2 inches above this mark.

Choosing paint

To choose the best paint for your boat consult your neighbor boaters what type of paint they use and if the paint they use satisfy them
Also consult the chandlery you purchase the paint from for their advise, they have (some times ) experience with many boaters remarks on different paints.
Check the current paint type so you can choose a compatible paint.
non compatible paint will not adhere properly and in some cases the new paints thinner may dissolve the old paint and cause paint blisters.
Then when decided on the paint you want to use, check the % of ACTIVE ingredient in it, the higher the % the better the paint.
one more issue to consider is the color, darker colors (red, brown, black) usually are active more than the same paint in light color.


How you prepare the surface is very important to how good the new paint will adhere and to the longevity of it. As a rule of thumb, always follow manufacturers instructions to get the best result.


Most boat yards paint 2 coats of paint on hull and 3 coats on waterline, this is not always the best thing to do.

MY ADVISE: paint the hull 2 coats of paint and:

All boats: Thru hulls and other crevices paint as deep/far as you can.

Sail boats: Ruder, Keel, Bow, Waterline 3 to 4 coats.

Power boats: Leading/Trailing edges, Bow, Waterline 3 to 4 coats.

Out drives:
1. Paint the hull as a power boat but leave an inch of non painted area around the out drive unit. (if you paint all the way to the out drive unit it will cause galvanic corrosion to the unit (this advice comes from a VOLVO PENTA company.)
2. the drive units are made of aluminum and as such need to use special paint(1) and primer.
Since a boat with out drive hauled out yearly for service (oil change and maintenance)
It is advised to paint the out drive unit 3 coats the 1st time and afterwards with the yearly maintenance schedule refresh
the paint with 1 to 2 coats .

Troubleshooting Antifouling Paints

Troubleshooting Antifouling Paints by PETTIT PAINT A Division of Kop-Coat, Inc. Troubleshooting Antifouling Paints by PETTIT PAINT A Division of Kop-Coat, Inc.     Get Acrobat reader


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Last updated: March 11, 2005